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Colourful Photo Day with Holland Park Media

If your profile pics are more boardroom-bland than blockbuster-bright, it’s time for a change!

Join us for a fun and dynamic photoshoot at STUD-io, where your true colours don’t just shine—they dazzle.

Here's what awaits you:

  • A 20-minute rock'n'roll party combined with a fun workout disguised as a photoshoot
  • Guidance and support from our professional photographers before, during, and after
  • A turbo-boost of confidence, energy, and that walk-on-air feeling of self-love

What you'll get as a result:

  • 3 vibrant, dynamic business portraits which you will be happy to share for years
  • Expert touch-ups to banish those late-night tales from under your eyes
  • Ultra-high-res images so crisp you could almost print them life-size

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