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AI Meetup Ignites Enthusiasm and Inspires Impactful Discussions

Our exciting new AI Meetup kicked off last week, bringing together the community to explore AI. Inspiring presentations from Digital Explorer, Fledgerr, and Envision set the stage for an incredible event.

Karthik Kannan from Envision amazed us with a live AI demo using their smart glasses equipped with computer vision. Witnessing how the glasses captured and described a menu card, we were reminded of the profound impact AI can have on the lives of visually impaired individuals.

During our discussions, we delved into important topics like legal and data protection. Sadi Hasanov from Fledgerr shared valuable insights on their AI tools in action, sparking conversations about the development of a legal AI chatbot for the benefit of legal firms.

In the realm of AI News, we discovered some remarkable advancements:

  • Jasper AI takes the crown as the fastest-growing startup ever!
  • Github CEO has built an app in just 8 minutes using AI live!
  • Apple IOS now trains AI on your voice, enabling personalized text-to-speech capabilities.

The enthusiasm didn't stop there! Our members engaged in fruitful conversations about future meet-up topics, including digital twins, privacy and security, as well as the role of AI in leadership.

We are so excited to see what the future of our community holds, and can't wait for the next AI Meet-up to gain further insights into this evolving topic!

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