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Building a Consistent and Thriving Brand at The Hague Tech

There's a fresh new energy at The Hague Tech and much of it can be attributed to the dynamism brought by Sophie Breusch Rasmussen, our newly appointed Brand Manager. She's a blend of creative intelligence, keen marketing acumen, and a passion for storytelling. With her background in marketing and communications, Sophie brings a new perspective and a wealth of knowledge to her position. With her sharp focus on maintaining brand consistency, Sophie contributes greatly to the brand evolution of The Hague Tech while navigating the exciting challenges that come with being part of a startup ecosystem.

From Events Employee to Brand Manager
Sophie's journey in The Hague Tech has been interesting, to say the least. She started as an events employee, transitioned to being the marketing and communications coordinator, and now holds the significant role of Brand Manager. She recently completed her Master's in Media Business, equipping her with the knowledge to facilitate the organization's growth and foster a consistent brand identity across all platforms.

Why “Brand Manager”?
The decision to title Sophie as 'Brand Manager' instead of a traditional Marketing or Communications Manager, was a thoughtful decision made as it encapsulates the essence of what The Hague Tech aims for - brand consistency. Sophie explains:

We aim to establish ourselves as the top tech community in the Hague where companies can work and use our space as their playground for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Sophie emphasizes that the role is all-encompassing and integral to establishing The Hague Tech as an international, diverse, and reliable tech hub.

Setting A New Course
One of the exciting challenges Sophie has tackled in her new role is the website redesign, her first significant project. The new upcoming website aims to communicate The Hague Tech's value proposition more clearly and effectively. Sophie is excited about this project, emphasizing her love for problem-solving and learning in her role, which is about enabling others, ensuring consistency, and ensuring the growth of the community.

Collaboration is Key
Collaboration is at the core of Sophie's work, and she highlights her close partnership with each department in the team. Together, they strive to nurture and expand the community and ensure that each member and client visiting or working at The Hague Tech feels valued and heard, and has a positive experience. Sophie's role extends beyond internal collaboration, as she actively engages with various partners at events ensuring that the brand resonates externally as well as internally. She believes in the value of making mistakes and learning from them, a principle that resonates with the startup members of The Hague Tech community.

What's Next?
An exciting aspect of Sophie's role involves exploring new ways of digital storytelling. She plans to initiate more videography projects, a reel series, and even a podcast by the end of the year, further highlighting the innovative community at The Hague Tech. Sophie encourages community members to approach her with ideas or requests for features on The Hague Tech's marketing channels. Whether it's for a newsletter, website, or social media, she welcomes input from the diverse community members “we have so many members we don't see often, and I want to highlight them,” she says. She's passionate about creating visibility for more members and hopes to find ways to connect with the digital or virtual members too. It's your time to shine, reach out to Sophie via her email ( or through LinkedIn.

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