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Building Sustainable Partnerships & Advancing Tech Programs

The Hague Tech has welcomed Annabelle Conijn as our new Project and Business Development Manager. With over 10 years of experience in sales within the tourism industry, Annabelle brings with her a vast amount of knowledge in building sustainable partnerships and working with tech companies to develop API connections and facilitate growth.

After moving to Scheveningen with her family, Annabelle was eager to explore new opportunities and quickly became drawn to The Hague Tech. She was particularly excited about the prospect of working within a team to build structures from scratch and collaborating with tech communities.

While she was looking for innovative tech companies in the Hague, she discovered The Hague Tech and reached out to us to discuss any potential job opportunities within our ecosystem. We immediately realized that she might be a good fit for a position that we had not yet posted; the role of Project and Business Development Manager. After an initial meeting, we immediately noticed that there was a good click, and the rest is history.

We considered Annabelle the best candidate to take our programs and partnerships to the next level. She now manages Hackathon For Good, GovTech NL and plans to implement more hackathons and programs at The Hague Tech in the future. Additionally, she is working on building a long-term business support program to strengthen the foundation of The Hague Tech and help the community to grow within the wider ecosystem.

Annabelle is excited to contribute to the community as she believes in the potential of technology to create sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on society and feels a strong sense of purpose in working towards this goal. Being a part of a community that values open-mindedness, kindness, and diversity, Annabelle is motivated to use her expertise to help build a brighter future for all.

If you have any questions about partnerships or are looking for a commercial perspective, Annabelle is always happy to help. You can always reach out to her if you are interested in gaining more knowledge on our programmes, or wish to learn more about becoming a partner for GovTech NL and Hackathon for Good. And if you happen to ask her about her horse, Columbus, be prepared to hear all about her beloved pet that she has been teaching her children to ride.

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