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Connecting the Community at The Hague Tech through Experiences

Sandra's story begins with her studies where she developed a strong sense of creating various experiences for people and found her passion for events. Upon entering the events industry, Sandra was organizing large-scale events for C-level executives. However, she soon realized that the formal nature of the environment did not align with her creative spirit. This realization prompted Sandra to seek new opportunities, and that's when she heard about The Hague Tech.

Sandra's introduction to The Hague Tech came through Sophie, a previous colleague who had positive experiences within the community. Word-of-mouth played a crucial role in Sandra's journey, and she was immediately drawn to the innovative and open-minded atmosphere that The Hague Tech offered. Excited about the prospect of connecting with like-minded individuals and supporting their creative endeavours, Sandra found her place with us.

Sandra's multifaceted potential aligns perfectly with her passion for community building and her desire to facilitate connections among members. As an Event Manager at The Hague Tech, Sandra aims to focus on community events and create an environment where members can come together, share their ideas, and forge meaningful relationships. She is inspired by the enthusiasm and openness of the community, where individuals genuinely enjoy what they do. Sandra's primary goal is to support and empower members, providing them with the necessary resources and platforms to showcase their products and shine.

In her short time at The Hague Tech, Sandra has already witnessed the power of community collaboration and co-creation. She believes that by facilitating connections and offering her expertise in event management, she can help members execute their ideas and bring them to life. Through events and networking opportunities, Sandra envisions a community where diversity of thought and expertise come together to solve complex problems and foster innovation. Sandra believes that The Hague Tech, with its diverse mix of people and expertise, serves as the perfect platform for individuals to come together and bring these ideas to fruition.

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