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Employee Wellbeing: Preparing for Gen Z to hit the workforce

The discussion covered various topics, including why employee well-being is essential, how to create a culture of well-being within a startup, the importance of diversity and inclusion for well-being, and how to educate future employees to value well-being. There was also a focus on the role that leadership plays in creating a company culture that values well-being.

The audience was engaged throughout the event, with in-depth discussions and questions on creating a culture of well-being, accommodating different cultural backgrounds in an employee well-being policy, and whether employee well-being is implicit or requires a policy. The event was interactive, and members took extensive notes, while others networked and continued their discussions during the borrel that had been organised after the event.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the importance of preparing for Gen Z hitting the workforce. As they value well-being and flexibility above salary, it is essential for companies to implement employee well-being policies and lead by example. The audience was left with powerful insights from the moderator and panellists on how to approach well-being in their companies.

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