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Facilitating a Strong Foundation for a Thriving Community

Marija's journey to The Hague Tech began when she found our community on LinkedIn. Having previously worked as an office manager in a corporate environment, she was drawn to the prospect of joining a vibrant and growing startup community. The opportunity to be part of a larger ecosystem with diverse talents and skills excited her, and she hasn't looked back since.

Unlike many internationals who come to The Hague for studies, Marija entered the city diving straight into the workforce. Her passion for radio led her to a volunteer position at a local radio station in Croatia, where she quickly found her calling. Within six months, Marija's talent and dedication she began hosting her own radio show, curating content and selecting music that captivated listeners. Her work was a perfect blend of creativity and exploration, as she covered diverse topics and showcased a wide range of musical genres.

Currently serving as the Office and Facilities Manager, Marija takes pride in ensuring that everyone has a pleasant and functional environment within The Hague Tech. From resolving technical issues and coordinating repairs to overseeing the kitchen and amenities, her role is to be a problem solver and facilitator, connecting colleagues with the appropriate resources to address any challenges that arise.

When asked about the differences between Croatian and Dutch work cultures, Marija highlights the similarities she observed between her radio job in Croatia and her current role in The Hague Tech. In both environments, colleagues genuinely care for one another, offer assistance, and create a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. The startup culture within The Hague Tech aligns more closely with her preferred work style, allowing her to feel at home.

Reflecting on her future aspirations within the community, Marija emphasizes the importance of structure and organization with an attitude of positivity. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Marija is dedicated to refining processes and fostering a more efficient and seamless community environment.

She encourages community members to reach out to her with any needs or concerns about the facilities and amenities. Additionally, she invites everyone to share their favorite music and join her in celebrating the power of music to bring people together. Together, let's create a vibrant and inclusive community where innovation and collaboration flourish.

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