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Harnessing Wave Power: Weco's Smart Solution for Sustainable Energy

In a time of technological innovation, where startups and technology enthusiasts are searching for sustainable ideas, Weco (Wave Energy Collective BV) stands at the forefront as a source of progress. As a company, they are determined to develop a special Wave Energy Converter, a system that aims to generate sustainable energy from the large waves of the sea.

A Mix of Energy Sources

Weco believes that for energy supply, we should look beyond just solar and wind energy. Co-founder, Cas van de Voort, explains that while these sources have made progress, they have limitations. Sometimes “we have excess energy due to too much wind and sun, which leads to negative electricity prices”. During calm periods without wind or sun, there's a shortage of energy. Batteries can help, but there are also concerns about material availability. With an eye on the immense energy in ocean waves, Weco wants to add a new form of energy to our mix. The ocean holds an abundance of energy that we can utilize in a sustainable manner.

From Idea to Reality

Cas van de Voort explains how Weco developed their wave energy converter. Inspired by the power of the ocean, they convert horizontal movements of waves into energy. This has proven to be twice as efficient as converting vertical movements. After simulations and thorough testing, their concept is now storm-resistant and optimal in energy conversion, and they are currently working on their fifth edition. The company has left behind the safe environment of laboratory tests and is preparing tests in a real-world environment. Soon, they aim to test their 1:1 model off the coast of Scheveningen in The Hague. This 18-month testing phase showcases Weco's commitment to practical solutions.

The Hague Tech: A Place of Collaboration

When asked what The Hague Tech has brought Weco, they argue that our vibrant community “offers more than just a workspace”; it fosters collaboration and creativity. The lively environment and amenities like table tennis and pool tables provide inspiring breaks and conversations. When asked what tips Weco has for other start-ups, as well as fellow entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, they emphasise the value of a community and the motivation it provides for productivity. According to Cas van de Voort, enjoying what you do and sharing it with others is essential. In a world craving sustainable energy solutions, Weco demonstrates its dedication to wave energy and how innovation and collaboration can lead to positive change. Their determination to convert waves into energy reflects the tremendous potential of technology for a more sustainable future. 

Tips for start-ups

When asked about their tips for companies starting out, Weco openly shared a lesson they have learned. Making mistakes is normal and propels you forward, which Weco’s founder, Luc Hogervorst saying: "mission failed successfully" strongly embodies. It is important to dare to take chances and not be afraid to make mistakes. As a start-up, Weco dared to deviate from the usual approach by accelerated testing in the ocean, which ultimately paid off, and accelerated their progress.

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