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Innovation in Medical Monitoring: Corsano Cardiowatch 287-2

Innovation in Medical Monitoring

At The Hague Tech, we take pride in our vibrant community of innovative companies, and Corsano is no exception. Today, we'd like to share some insights into the groundbreaking work that Corsano is doing.

A Glimpse into Corsano's Mission

Corsano's goal is to improve the way vital signs in the human body are monitored. Their journey began when their founder, Peter Stas, recognized the potential of smartwatches but noticed a gap in the field of medical monitoring. He envisioned a smart bracelet that could be medically certified for use in hospitals and clinics.

Corsano's flagship product is a wearable capable of monitoring a range of vital parameters, including heart rate, respiration rate blood pressure, SpO2 levels and multiple other parameters. What sets Corsano apart is that their device is medically certified, meaning it meets the stringent standards required for medical use, unlike many consumer smartwatches on the market.

Corsano's Path to Success

Corsano has embarked on a remarkable journey marked by significant achievements. They have worked diligently to certify their bracelet, the Corsano Cardiowatch 287-2, with all the necessary medical approvals. This thorough testing process ensures that the device is not only suitable for research purposes but also for use in clinical settings.

The first vital parameters that were certified included SpO2, heart rate and respiration rate. Recently, they took a significant step by adding Cuffless blood pressure monitoring to their bracelet, which is now CE EU-MDR certified. This achievement is particularly notable as it is a feature not commonly found in wearable medical devices. They are also in the process of obtaining FDA certification in the United States, enabling them to offer their device in this demanding market. This step underscores Corsano's commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Impressive Milestones

The impact of Corsano in the field of medical monitoring is undeniable. They have participated in over 35 clinical studies and have produced more than 5,000 bracelets, which have been used by over 10,000 patients, primarily for research purposes. However, Corsano is proud to report that some patients are now sent home with the bracelets, enabling remote monitoring and reducing the need for intensive in-person checks.

Being part of a community

For Corsano, being part of a diverse ecosystem of companies is not just valuable; it's essential. It allows them to collaborate, seek advice, and find potential participants for their studies. For them, the community aspect at The Hague Tech fosters a sense of support that can be invaluable for startups and innovative enterprises such as themselves.

As Corsano's journey has shown, you don't need a large team to make an impact. Their advice to other companies is to think big and not underestimate the potential of their innovations. Corsano has achieved remarkable milestones with a small team by setting ambitious goals and being determined to reach them. Their story is a testament to the power of innovation and perseverance. They continue to push the boundaries in the field of medical monitoring, and we look forward to continuing to follow them on their future projects.

Corsano's Bike Project: Join them!

Corsano's involvement extends beyond certifications and medical monitoring; they are actively engaged in innovative projects. One of their latest projects involves testing their algorithms in high-intensity situations, such as cycling. By demonstrating that their bracelets can accurately monitor vital functions even during intense physical activity, they aim to showcase the reliability of their technology.

If you're interested in participating in this intriguing project, you can sign up with the link below.

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