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A New Operational Vision at The Hague Tech

We're excited to introduce Joshua, the new Operations Manager at The Hague Tech, whose diverse experiences and passion for communities are set to invigorate the organization to reach new heights. Joshua brings a unique blend of technical savvy, operational expertise, and a deep commitment to fostering collaborative communities.

Joshua's journey to The Hague Tech is as inspiring as it is diverse, as his career started in the event management sector. His approach to operations management is deeply rooted in his event management background. Joshua sees the organizational structure as an event in itself, where each element needs careful planning and coordination. His time at the Dutch Game Garden, sparked both his love for video games, and his involvement in creating engaging experiences. This experience profoundly shaped his understanding of the power of communities and the importance of nurturing them.

Transitioning from the non-profit sector to the commercial business world, Joshua found his calling in operations management. He believes that the core of effective operations lies in supporting the team and ensuring a smooth, structured working environment. His philosophy extends beyond mere business objectives; it's about creating an ecosystem where every team member can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Joshua's role at The Hague Tech is multifaceted as Operations Manager, he's not just overseeing the day-to-day operations but also working towards integrating technology more effectively within the organization. He's a strong advocate for using technology for good through enhancing the community's overall well-being. His goal is to "bring the tech back into The Hague Tech," focusing on leveraging technology to streamline operations and empower the community.

Joshua's vision for the future at The Hague Tech is clear. He aims to establish a goal for the upcoming year that revolves around technology integration while maintaining the essence of community building. He's excited about implementing tech solutions that not only streamline operations but also foster a sense of belonging and collaboration among members.

Apart from his professional endeavours, Joshua is a dedicated family man and an avid video game enthusiast. His love for gaming reflects his belief in the importance of relaxation, where his profound interest in reading shows his dedication to personal growth.

Are you inspired by Joshua's vision for The Hague Tech? Do you have ideas or suggestions that align with his mission of integrating technology and community? Joshua is eager to hear from you. Whether you're a member, a tech enthusiast, or someone with a passion for community building, your input is valuable. Reach out to Joshua at to share your thoughts, collaborate, or just say hello.

Join us in shaping a tech community that's not just about innovation, but also about people and their collective growth. Let's make a difference together!

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