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Meet Zsombor: our newest addition to The Hague Tech team

Meet our latest addition to the Hague Tech team, Zsombor, a vibrant and enthusiastic individual joining us as our new events employee. Originally from Hungary, Zsombor brings a unique flair to The Hague Tech with his diverse background and interests and fits well into our international team.

At the age of 21, Zsombor recently completed his studies in Political Science: International Relations and Organizations from Leiden University, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. He decided to continue his studies and is currently pursuing a master’s in public administration - Public Management and Leadership at Leiden University, Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs.

Zsombor's decision to join The Hague Tech is not just a career move; it's an opportunity to align his love for event organization with his ongoing studies. He feels that this role complements his educational background, showcasing his dedication to both academic and professional pursuits. As the new events employee at The Hague Tech, he will be handling and executing external event requests, as well as helping with community events. His responsibilities will include coordinating event details such as accommodations, spaces, and catering, ensuring a seamless experience for our members and external contacts. His dynamic and outgoing personality aligns seamlessly with the informal and community-focused events that define The Hague Tech's spirit.

When asked about his first impression of The Hague Tech, Zsombor expressed admiration for the dynamic and impressive workspace. Eager to contribute to the vibrant community, he is excited about creating memorable events for everyone to enjoy.

To our members, Zsombor extends a warm invitation to connect and engage. He firmly believes that building successful relationships is key to a thriving community. Don't hesitate to approach him for a chat or a coffee – He is eager to make new friends and contribute to the collaborative spirit at The Hague Tech.

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