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Neuroscience Redefined: The Trailblazing Journey of qEEG-Pro

Imagine a world where understanding mental health conditions becomes clearer, diagnoses are more precise, and treatments are tailored. This is the story of QEEG-Pro—an applied neuroscience company. In this article, we delve into their pivotal milestones, the lessons learned, the profound impact of membership at The Hague Tech, and André’s valuable advice for startups.

What is qEEG-Pro?

At its core, qEEG-Pro offers a groundbreaking EEG analysis service. Their web-based platform is a global ally for nearly 500 clinics, providing comprehensive analyses of brain activity measurements and generating detailed reports that unveil any deviations from the norm. This tool aids in diagnosing conditions such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD, revolutionizing the approach to mental health assessments. But André's ambitions go beyond EEG analysis.

Milestones and Growth

QEEG-Pro has undergone a ten-year journey, evolving from a start-up to a well-established company. The company used to thrive through a flexible team structure, collaborating with programmers in Romania and a part-time assistant in the Philippines. Their agility was a defining trait, deploying professionals on a project basis for specific needs, such as marketing or instructional videos.

The turning point for the company came when they connected with EEG equipment manufacturers, enabling them to form a partnership that helped open up sales channels. With this breakthrough, they expanded their customer base, particularly in the United States. Currently, they are exploring reseller opportunities in countries such as Japan. QEEG-Pro offers a range of tests and questionnaires for a comprehensive evaluation of patients' mental health.

Lessons Learned

André emphasizes the importance of stabilizing your product before scaling up. In the early stages, start-ups often tackle numerous issues and focus on immediate problem-solving. As the company grows, however, it becomes crucial to standardize processes to ensure stability and scalability. Furthermore, André advises start-ups to be cautious about partnerships, as some collaborations may not yield the expected results and can consume resources, with time and effort invested that could ultimately go to waste.

The Impact of The Hague Tech

André's journey is closely related to his involvement with The Hague Tech. The community's diverse expertise has proven invaluable for QEEG-Pro. Access to professionals with varied specializations has enriched their endeavours. Community events and workshops have been pivotal, offering the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and glean insights into various facets of the business world.

Advice for Start-ups

André final advice is to delay seeking investors for as long as possible. He believes that the longer you wait, the more value you can create, resulting in giving away fewer shares to potential investors. While he acknowledges that investments may be necessary for certain businesses, he suggests that start-ups explore alternative options such as self-financing, government grants, or strategic partnerships before approaching investors.

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