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Transforming Our Event Space: An Inspiring Mural Tribute to Annie Easley

Our event space was recently transformed into a creative and inspiring room by Annelijn van Dam, a talented artist and student with a passion for murals. Annelijn's mural shows how much she loves painting and her desire to inspire those who come across her work, while also celebrating the remarkable achievements of scientist Annie Easley. As an American computer specialist, mathematician and rocket scientist, Annie Easley helped lay the technological foundations for future space shuttle launches and launches of communication, military and weather satellites.

Annelijn's journey as an artist began at a young age. She recalls: "I've been painting on canvases for as long as I remember." However, it wasn't until she moved into her student home three years ago that her passion for painting found a new canvas – the walls. This was the start of a new path creating her business with murals.

She really captured the THT brand and paid homage to Annie Easley and her accomplishments.

The opportunity to work on the mural in our event space came after our event manager, Sandra, had seen the one she had created for PLNT Leiden! Annelijn's enthusiasm to honor this remarkable individual through her art was obvious in her passion and dedication to creating a mural that would do justice to Annie Easley's legacy. She was determined to show Easley's strength and energy in her design. She wanted those who viewed the mural to be inspired to learn more about the incredible scientist it honored.

I wanted to portray her as a hero and I hope that the people who see the mural will want to know who she is.

"I love it when the result of the project is as much a surprise for me as it is for the client," Annelijn remarked. As she immersed herself in the project, she found herself discovering new facets of her own artistic abilities. Working closely with The Hague Tech, Annelijn embarked on a creative journey to bring Annie Easley's spirit to life on the wall of the event room. The collaboration between us has been seamless, with both parties sharing a common goal – to create a mural that would inspire and educate.

It was quite a challenge to make a design that would show off her perseverance and vigor, but that is exactly why I loved doing it.

Annelijn's mural serves as a powerful reminder of the untold stories of remarkable individuals who have shaped the world we live in today. It invites us to delve deeper into the life and achievements of Annie Easley, an iconic individual who deserves recognition and admiration.

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