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You Can't Be What You Can't See - Equals Amsterdam

Equals' campaign highlighted and portrayed 192 role models active in the tech industry, leadership, or entrepreneurship. Posters with role models were showcased on billboards around Amsterdam and The Hague to display women successfully working within the field in these two cities. The campaign voiced the message of not only recognizing the role models that are around you but also the role model within you.

The event culminated the amazing campaign from Equals while at the same time, inviting our THT community to reflect on gender diversity and lift up, highlight and empower the female leaders we have here. We welcomed Jorinde Wilbrink, Head of Growth at Equals, Olga Wielders, CEO of The Hague Tech, Tanaquil Arduin, Data Officer at the Gemeente Den Haag, and lastly, Marsha Goei, co-founder of Breeze, as speakers.

These inspiring speakers shared messages of empowerment and pride in being the women they are and how they appreciated having the platform to share their stories with the crowd. They also stated that seeing people come together to honour International Women's Day was incredibly heartwarming. Ultimately, it was mentioned how the speakers valued the campaign as it allowed them to be spotlighted, which was witnessed by friends, family, and colleagues.

Thank you to Equals for such an impactful Role Models campaign. It was an incredible honour to host the closing event because, as The Hague Tech, we deem it extremely important to boost the visibility of these women, share their success stories and raise awareness to have more female representation in our tech communities. We look forward to further collaborations between our communities in the future!

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