Study fast.ai deep learning lesson 7
Thursday 10 January 2019

limited to 15 people, please sign up only if you are 100% committed to attending the study group sessions.

We are organizing a study group to tackle the fast.ai course from Jeremy Howard. The programme is as follows:

Setup: 90-120minutes core
- Before: Participants should have seen the lessons, subscribe here: http://forums.fast.ai/t/fast-ai-live-the-new-version-of-the-international-fellowship/22825
1. fast.ai: Mon Oct 22
2. fastai study group meetup 25.10:1st lesson fast.ai from 22.10.
3. fast.ai: Tue Oct 30
4. fastai study group meetup 1.11: 2nd lesson fast.ai from 30.10.
5. 8.11. no lesson from fast.ai: Skip officially, members could still gather informally
6. fast.ai: Thu Nov 8
7. fast.ai: Tue Nov 13
8. fastai study group meetup 15.11. 3rd lesson fast.ai from 8 & 13.11. meet at 17h
9. fast.ai: Mon Nov 19
10. fastai study group meetup 22.11: 4th lesson fast.ai from 19.11.
11. fast.ai: Tue Nov 27
12. fastai study group meetup 29.11: 5th lesson fast.ai from 27.11.
14. 6.12. : 6th lesson fast.ai
15. fastai study group meetup 13.12. recap of lessons 1 through 6.
16. fastai study group meetup 10.01. last lesson, lesson 7.

Since the room capacity is limited to 15 people, please sign up only if you are 100% committed to attending the study group sessions. We are aiming for a small but dedicated group of participants.
A link will be provided to follow the study group online. Check the comments around the 6pm.

Everyone following the course can also join the slack workspace to share ideas and ask questions.


17:00 PM

The Hague Tech - Third Floor
Juliana van Stolberglaan 10
2595CL Den Haag

Study fast.ai deep learning lesson 7

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