The Hague Tech Connects
Thursday 19 April 2018

The Hague Tech opens its doors to two African startups with the aim of generating opportunities for business, knowledge exchange and the bolstering of international investment in both countries.

This event is an outcome of The Hague Tech strengthening a relationship with South-Africa last year, by signing up a partnership with the Cape Initiative of Innovation and Technology (CiTi).

Curious how Dutch start-ups and scale-ups can have access to a home base for doing business in Africa and the other way around? Africa, as a continent is one of 10 fastest growing economies and the place to be for tech startups. Do you want to know what opportunities lie for your business in Africa or do you want to exchange knowledge on doing business in Europe?

Meet the startups:

GiftedMom (Cameroon) is democratising health information access in emerging markets through an AI-based remote medical support platform.

Langbot (Ethiopia) is a gamified and AI powered language teaching chatbot. The chatbot is currently available on Facebook Messenger and teaches French.

This afternoon you can join these two African startups and The Hague Tech’s partners in our Lunch Pitches and Interactive Lab Sessions programme. The African startups are looking to learn about the European eco-system, indulge in accelerator and investor opportunities and want to connect with you!


12.30 Lunch Pitches
Interactive session and meet-and-greet with African startups and regional development agencies

14.00 Lab session
Doing business in Europe by Ivo Meijer | The Hague Business Agency

14.00 Lab session
Doing business in emerging markets by Apoorv (Startup Safari)
Let's engage in a conversation around scaling business to emerging markets through disruptive innovation methodology. Key insights into the fastest growing economies across Asia and Africa as well as some previous best case practices.

About Apoorv Start-up Safari
Apoorv is the Founder of Startup Safari and Ingenious Faces and is passionate towards growing cross border tech eco-systems. Currently runs programs across India, South Africa, Israel, France, Netherlands and Belgium and invests in entrepreneurs with a purpose of scaling their ventures into emerging markets.


12:30 PM

The Hague Tech, third floor

The Hague Tech Connects

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17:00 PM

The Hague Tech, third floor

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Meet our members

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