Vierde Vrijdag!
Friday 22 December 2017

Join Vierde vrijdag // Talks, tech & entrepreneurship in The Hague. This time: Blockchain & Energy


10:00 Be welcome to meet & (co)work, have an informal gathering, create your mini-hackathon..

13:00 Fries-day: Fries/salad/bread as lunch if you want (5 EUR / equivalent in BTC)

Featured topic: Blockchain & Energy

15:00 Bitcoin energy consumption. Following the news, Erwin Overstegen (http://BlockchainBird.com), working from Blockchain Lab Amsterdam, researched the real energy consumption of Bitcoin and put it in perspective. As Erwin is unable to join us today, Blockchain Lab Amsterdam colleague Bart van Maarseveen (http://moveopen.nl) presents his findings so we can discuss the Bitcoin footprint and future developments.

15:45 Demo of BarterDEX | The decentralized exchange with atomic swaps https://komodoplatform.com/en/technology/barterdex

16:00 Ilhan Ünlü from Blocklab Rotterdam (http://www.blocklab.nl) will update us on the blockchain projects and use cases for 2018. He will address some nice projects in and around the Rotterdam harbour (Port of Rotterdam) in which Blocklab is involved. This will be special as Blocklab has some nice energy related use cases! We can't wait to hear more... Good opportunity to get to know our friends in Rotterdam!

During the afternoon community members of The Hague Tech (https://www.thehaguetech.nl/) will share there projects, questions and know-how at the Show & Tell.

Want to show/share/tell a bit about your projects/ideas&knowledge? Your innovative business? A fun project? Please let us know in the comments below!


09:00 AM

The Hague Tech
Juliana van Stolberglaan 10
2595 CL Den Haag

Vierde Vrijdag!

From our community

Afterwork: Exponential Technologies in Business


17:00 PM

The Hague Tech, third floor

Motion Capture on an Indie Budget

How Simmersive Digital are bringing game characters to life through motion capture with a helping hand from The Hague Tech

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Software and Outsourcing Consultancy. Initiator AI Lab The Hague Tech.

Meet our members

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