Ai Lab
Thursday 26 April 2018

Bottish.co is a true online conference reflecting the nature of bots in the digital universe and focuses an overview and knowledge exchange about bots.

Ai Lab Den Haag will livestream this event on a large screen, so you can join this with others. Expect to watch speakers talking about the need for robots to grasp the world (Juxi Leitner) and things you didn't know about building chatbots (Ofer Ronen).

What we will provide
- A nice location with Internet to stream and WiFi for the participants to interact with the presentations
- An opportunity to network with a community with interest in the ro/bots area
- Space for 20 participants
- An opportunity to interact with the presenters via Eyeson once you are registered for the webinar
- The event will be free of charge
- All presentations are held in English

Before you attend, please keep in mind that you also need to register.

About Bottish.co
Bottish.co streams six times a year international speakers about ro(bots) and AI. The premiere in December 2016 attracted more than 20 speakers and 150 participants. The 15 sessions at each 15 minutes voted by the participants scored a cumulated 1000 views.


09:00 AM

The Hague Tech, third floor

Ai Lab

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