Do business like Elon Musk
Tuesday 30 January 2018

Step-by-step advice from the experts

The financial climate for young companies and startups can be ruthless. The required speed of innovation continues to grow, which brings large costs. Meanwhile, banks have become more careful in providing loans due to the economic crises, and while private investors are beginning to invest more, they remain very selective and radically alter the way you can run your business, should they decide to invest.

Public funding on the rise
A much sought-after option therefore is Public Funding. Now, more than ever, regional, national and European governments are investing in innovation of Small and Medium sized enterprises (SME’s) throughout Europe. However, the world of Public Funding can be a complex and confusing climate. Because of this, a large group of SME’s don’t unlock the full potential Public Funding can offer them.

In the heart of the The Hague startup and technology scene, The Hague Tech, two companies: Node1 and The Funding Company, will create order in the chaos with this seminar. They will guide you into the world of public funding. They will explain the process of what is required for a successful grant application and will structure the pallet of options within regional, national and European scopes.

Together, Node1 and The Funding Company have extended experience in the complete grant application process. This process starts with innovation advice, the identification of the right grant instruments, followed by writing a strong business case and finally constructing the full grant application. After this, the process is not over though, and therefore they will also go into the details of compliance, which is often overseen.

Using all opportunities to your advantage
Therefore, this seminar is the perfect launching platform for your company to start acquiring public financing and optimally use the opportunities the Dutch and European governments offer. Even tech-legends like Elon Musk have received government support at the moments it matters most. Do the same, and use all the opportunities available to you and enrich yourself during this seminar.


18:00 PM

The Hague Tech
Juliana van Stolberglaan 4-10
2595 CL Den Haag

3rd floor

Do business like Elon Musk

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