Computer Vision Workshop
Tuesday 30 October 2018

Build your own image classifier in TensorFlow/Keras

In the second installment of our 2-part event on deep computer vision, we have a hands-on lecture on the fundamentals of deep computer vision. (First part: https://www.meetup.com/AI-Lab/events/254880165/)

We start by introducing the convolutional neural network, the building block of most modern day computer vision algorithms. You will learn how CNNs work and you will build your own image classifier in TensorFlow/Keras. (1,5 hours)

After the break, we will dive into YOLO (You Only Look Once) – the state of the art algorithm used to detect and localize objects in real time. You will understand the important concepts used and will see a demo of YOLO in action. (1,5 hours)

Note that while everyone can follow the lecture as it will be presented in relatively simple language, you will get the most out of the lecture if you can code in Python and are willing to follow along with coding during the lecture. Skeleton code in Python Notebooks will be provided and we will fill in the relevant code together.


18:00 PM

The Hague Tech, third floor

Computer Vision Workshop

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17:00 PM

The Hague tech, third floor

Game development and design 101


18:00 PM

The Hague Tech, third floor

May the Acceleration Commence!

November 19th marked the start of World Startup Factory’s latest accelerator. The goal? Taking the sustainability of our cities to the next level.

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Hackathons are an incredible medium for creating new ideas, new friends, and finding out about yourself. As a semi non-technical person (i.e. I don’t code, at least not yet) I’ve always looked at hackathons with a sense of awe, as an unapproachable event that I always wanted to participate in. Well, I finally got my chance and it was an absolute blast!
What was the hackathon all about?

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Hubfest is the catalyst for interaction, bringing the coolest accelerators, startups, investors and innovation hubs in one place.

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Meet our members

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