To allow dogs from co-workers at The Hague Tech, adding to the community while avoiding any unwanted consequences.


This policy is for adult, trained dogs only. An adult dog is any dog over 1 years old. This policy applies to all members with an office or co-working subscription. This does not apply to visitors, contractors, etc…

  • Notification of wanting to bring a dog to THT staff
  • Assurance that the dog is properly trained
  • Upon request, provide proof of dog’s passport and vaccinations
  • Inform any coworkers or office occupants of the dog’s arrival and ask if there are any allergies
  • Waiver of liability for THT, the owner holds full responsibility and liability over the actions and behavior of their dog
  • No shedding dogs in co-working spaces
  • No barking dogs

Owner’s responsibilities
  • Keep your dog on a leash (extendable leashes not allowed) when in shared space
  • Bring your own leash
  • Ensure your dog does not make a mess
  • Ensure your dog stays within allowed areas
  • Ensure your dog does not fight with other office pets
  • Weekly cleaning of an office with a dog (either by the dog’s owner or paid cleaning at the owner’s expense)
  • Pet owners are obliged to know the laws governing their pets
  • All sick dogs must be left at home
  • Dogs must not be fed in kitchen area
  • Owner must have treats in the office
  • Bring your own water/food bowl(s)
  • Dog is potty trained
  • Dog is in good hygiene

Prohibited places
  • Event space
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen during meal prep and meal times
  • Service areas and supply rooms

Owner’s responsibilities
  • Dogs must be introduced to see fit
  • If dogs don’t fit, relationship counseling needed, let by a well versed dog owner within the building
  • If relationship counseling fails, the newer dog is not allowed in the office unless the dog who has been in the office longer has had relationship issues in the past
  • You are responsible for your dog’s behaviour

Complaint process
  • Tell the pet’s owner of your complaint in case it is an issue that can be resolved immediately
  • Consult with a THT staff member about the issue at hand
  • File an official complaint about the dog
  • THT will keep records of all complaints

Actions from complaints
  • If a complaint is filed, the dog’s owner will receive a notice of the complaint and the actions to fix
  • If a second complaint is filed for the same grievance and it has been shown that the issue has not been resolved, the dog is not allowed at THT for one month, giving the owner sufficient time to fix the problem if possible

Outside of offices
  • On a leash
  • No extendable leashes
  • Bring your own leash
  • No puppy (no untrained dogs)
  • Ask all co-working neighbors if it’s okay
  • If not, YOU need to change locations
  • Clean up after your dog at all times

Dog limits
  • If there are too many dogs, it works on a first come first served basis
  • In the co-working space, there may not be more than 1 dog per workstation. A workstation is defined as 4 joined desks.


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